Merchants Fly High as Cargo Shipping in LA Port Remains Grounded


To Make X'mas Deliveries Merchants Pay Premium for Air

If you're in need of getting goods delivered to the west coast in time for Christmas, chances are you're wishing Santa really could saddle Rudolph up and whoosh them down everyone's chimney. Short of a holiday miracle, merchants are opting for air transit and are paying a premium for the service - if they can find a carrier that's not already fully booked.

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Spatial Relations

While the LA Port and Long Beach Port contend with continuing gridlock and cargo delays, air cargo carriers are flying high. According to sources like Paul Tsui, Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics, capacity to the US West Coast is near full and prices, already sky high, keep rising. Other players in the industry say they are scrambling to secure additional air freight capacity as demand increases daily. 

Continuing growth in demand is a welcome change for an industry that lost market share during the recent recession and has been slow to return to former levels. Increased traffic on the Trans-Pacific, intra-Asia and Asia-Europe routes has made it possible for many air-freight carriers to offer more competitive rates. Nevertheless, most industry experts agree that moving large volumes of cargo by air is still the default option, chosen by merchants only when they are truly pressed for time.

Take to the Skies, or ...

As many manufacturers and vendors take to the skies, cargo shippers face delays caused by protracted labor contract disputes and daunting logistical problems in LA Port and Long Beach Port. While the Port of Oakland has also experienced delays, they pale in comparison to other west coast locations. If you are in need of shipping cars overseas, please consider the option to ship cars through Port of Oakland.

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