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Shipping Cars Overseas to Beirut Lebanon


Shipping cars overseas to Beirut, Lebanon may at first seem intimidating, but if you spend time finding a quality auto transporter then it can make the whole process less stressful.

Things to Know When Shipping Cars Internationally to Beirut Lebanon

The information below will help you better understand how to ship a car to Beirut, Lebanon.

Rules for Shipping Cars Internationally to Beirut

When preparing to ship a car or other vehicles to Beirut, Lebanon, you need to pay extra attention to the shipping rules and regulations of the country. There are various specific automobile transportation rules in Lebanon. Before you begin contacting potential automobile transporters you should research the shipping regulations of Lebanon.

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The Importance of Finding an Experienced International Shipping Company

When you contact potential shipping companies, you should always ask if they have experience transporting cars and other vehicles to Beirut, Lebanon. After giving your drop off and pick up information they should also be able to give you an estimate on how much you should expect to pay for having your car transported to Beirut.

Preparing your Vehicle for Shipment to Beirut, Lebanon

1. Inspect your vehicle thoroughly
2. Take pictures of both the inside and outside of your car
3. Remove custom accessories and antennas
4. Disconnect your alarm system
5. Make sure you have 1/8 of a tank of gas
6. Check your vehicles for leaky fluids
7. Remove any and all detachable electronic devises
8. Get all of your paperwork and documents organized

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International Car Shipping Rates Quote

By Alex Naumov

February 4 2014

Middle East


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