Vehicle Inspection and Part Fulfillment 

We want to ensure our customers understand the condition of their vehicles before they arrive overseas. This is why we now offer a premium inspection service which gives overseas buyers the confidence they deserve. 

We can inspect your vehicles at our California warehouse, provide you with a detailed report, high-quality photos and a list of parts that are damaged and need to be replaced or repaired. We can even order the parts for you and ship them via air freight if your container already left.

We buy OEM, used and aftermarket parts from all over the US. We have accounts with dealerships for every car brand.


Our premium vehicle inspection service includes:

  • Confirmation of vehicle details (VIN and Mileage)
  • Check to see if vehicle starts and transmission engages
  • Check for scratches, dents, cracks, rust and other exterior issues (including condition of all windows, windshield and mirrors)
  • Check for previous accidents
  • Inspection of engine bay, electrical items, lights, and gauges
  • Check fluid levels and leaks
  • Visual check of vehicle interior
  • Photos of Exterior: body, paint condition, odometer, VIN plate and any damage
  • Photos of Interior
  • Check for missing or damaged parts
  • Price list for missing and damaged parts

Click on the image to see a sample report