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Port Newark-Elizabeth Car EXPORT & IMPORT

Port Newark-Elizabeth is the largest port on the East Coast US and the most popular for international car shipping. In 2014, it exported over 170,000 cars overseas. Located in New Jersey, it is only 12 miles away from our East Coast warehouse. It is the preferred port for international car shipping from New York and New Jersey.

West Coast Shipping offers international car shipping through the port. We ship cars in containers of all sizes and we also offer cheaper consolidated shipping to the most popular destinations.

What We Do

Transporting Cars in the US

We pickup the vehicle from any location within the continental US and move it one of our locations. We offer both open and enclosed transport for your cars.

Satisfying Documentation Requirements for Car Exports

We guide car shippers on the necessary documentation they are required to provide. We ensure that documents for the vehicles allow them to pass US and Overseas Customs.

Preparing Cars for Overseas Shipping

After cars arrive at our warehouse they are meticulously inspected, photographed and a condition report is created. Vehicles get seat, wheel and floor covers. They then get stored in our secure 5 acre warehouse space until they are loaded into a container for overseas shipping.

Professional Loading

Our skilled loading team begin the loading process by crafting a wooden support structure inside the container. Once it is prepared, the vehicle is rolled in and secured to the structure. We then have the ability to add any extra boxes, parcels or parts into the container. All wood used in our containers is recycled responsibly.

Tracking the Overseas Journey

Our customers have the ability to track all of their cars on the web and a mobile app. You are able to see the vehicle status & photos, the estimated departure and arrival date. as well as view and print shipping documents.