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It’s Your Dream Motorcycle. 
Let’s Bring Him Home.

A door-to-door white glove international shipping service to get you driving your motorcycle when you want.

Motorcycle Shipping Quote

Ship A Motorcycle Overseas

Ship your motorcycles from the US to the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Australia, New Zealand, and other destinations overseas with West Coast Shipping. We pick up motorcycles from anywhere in the US, clear import customs, ship in a shipping container by sea, or in a crate by airplane, with delivery right to your door.  We also import motorcycles from Europe, Australia, and other countries worldwide.

Over the last 10 years, we shipped thousands of new, used, and vintage motorbikes from the United States. Because we offer container consolidation to hundreds of destinations overseas, your motorcycles can be added to current shipments quickly and easily. If you have extra parts, we can place them in a container, or crate them along with the motorcycle. Contact us today, or use the quote form up top to get a rate on shipping your motorcycles overseas. 



We accept wire transfers, checks, and ban deposits only. Read more about banking fees when paying from overseas.

We do not accept credit car payments.

How Motorcycles Are Shipped Overseas

Motorcycle in Container


  • Add motorcycle to current shipment
  • Weekly container consolidation
  • Most destinations worldwide
Motorcycle in shipping container


  • Full container with bikes and parts
  • 8 Motorcycles in a 20ft container
  • 16 motorcycles in a 40ft container
Crated Motorcycle


  • Fastest shipping method available
  • Delivery between airports worldwide
  • Crating for motorcycles and parts


When your motorcycle arrives overseas, it will be required to clear import customs. We have agents at major ports around the world who can help to import a motorcycles from the United States. If you're shipping a motorcycle from Europe, or other countries, to the United States, we will be the agent accepting the bike in the US. 

Destination charges are another important factor to consider when shipping your motorcycle overseas. While we provide a quote on shipping to the port only, our agent on the other side will provide a rate on the destination charge. Destination charges can include collecting the container from the destination port, trucking it to their warehouse, unloading, and documentation clearance with customs. Import duties will vary on local import laws, engine size and year of production.

Certain countries will also require you to modify your motorcycle to meet local laws. Our agents at the destination can help with getting your motorcycle registered for road use. Agents can also provide guidance on temporary insurance.