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Record number of cars shipped from the US in containers during 2018.

It was a record year for US car exports according to port data provided by IHS Markit. Compared to 2017, containerized car exports grew by 8% to an estimated 689,439 vehicles shipped in containers.

Eight out of the top 10 destinations imported more cars than in 2017. With some countries importing up to 3x more cars than the previous year.

We’ve created this report to help you understand this data. We want to show you where cars are being bought from, and where they are shipped to.

Importers sourced more second-hand vehicles from the US as demand surged in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The immense popularity of salvage cars also contributed to a growing number of imports to Ukraine, Netherlands, Georgia, and the UAE.

The classic car export market also grew, as values stabilized, and classic cars became more affordable. However most of these affordable cars are no longer located in the usual markets. We found that volume from Los Angeles actually fell since 2016. Take a look at the chart on the next page.



Germany, Netherlands, Australia, UK, France, and New Zealand remained as the top destinations for classic cars from the US.

Despite global trade wars, we’ve not seen this many cars exported from the US since we began tracking data in 2007.