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We DELIVER Your Dream Cars

More than a shipping company. We are  a team of petrolheads working around the clock to deliver your cars when you need them.

Our Story

We believe shipping your car across borders should be effortless. In 2007, we established West Coast Shipping to provide reliable international shipping for any type of vehicle, motorcycle, or boat. Since then, we have continued to simplify the process by introducing a variety of online tools.

Our instant shipping calculator makes it easy for anyone to get an overseas shipping quote with pickup costs from anywhere in the USA. The calculator is used by thousands of dealers, auctions, and classified sites like Hemmings.com. The tracking tool provides information and documents related to your shipment. And our online shipping form gets you shipping vehicles in record time. But modern technology is only part of our success.

Our experienced logistics team are the ones who make the difference. Each customer has a dedicated account manager to handle their vehicles. They understand your needs, and strive to exceed your expectations. When it comes to shipping, our loading team holds unparalleled knowledge to safely operate and load any type of vehicle.

Join the thousands of dealers, auctions, and event organizers who trust our service to move their vehicles around the world.



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