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It’s Your Dream Boat.
Let’s Bring Her Home.

A door-to-door white glove international shipping service to deliver your boat when you want.

Boat Shipping Quote

Boat Shipping from the USA Overseas

We specialize in shipping boats and yachts overseas in containers, on flat-racks and via roll-on/roll-off service. We ship to anywhere in the world including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

Get an international boat shipping quote to over 40 countries around the world instantly by using our shipping calculator.

An experienced boat shipping team is here to take care of your international boat shipping needs. We specialize in shipping boats and yachts of all sizes between the United States and the world. 

West Coast Shipping takes care of documentation, ground transportation, ocean transportation and clearing US customs. Once the vessel arrives at the overseas port an agent will help you clear the boat or yacht and even deliver it to your door.

What's Required?

Exporting Boats & Yachts from the United States requires these documents:

  • Original Title

  • Bill of Sale (if you're the buyer)

  • US citizens: EIN number

  • Non-US citizens: Copy of Passport

Questions? Contact us.

How Boats Are Shipped Overseas

Small Boat


  • Beams under 7'6"
  • Affordable rates comparable to shipping a car
Medium Size Boat


  • Beams 7'6" to 8'6"
  • Loaded sideways
  • 1 boat in 40ft, 2 boats in 45ft
Large Boat


  • Beams over 8'6" & length below 38'2"
  • Loaded in flat rack container


  • Length over 39'5"
  • Shipped via Roll-on/Roll-off