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As more cars are sold online, scammers continue to take advantage of overseas buyers. Fake listings, photos, or fraudulent vehicle titles have caught buyers by surprise after funds were transferred and sellers disappeared.

Our Escrow service aims to create a stress free transaction that ensures funds are only transferred when vehicles are confirmed to exist and are collected.

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What is escrow and when to use it?

Not everyone feels comfortable at the thought of sending money for a vehicle located half a world away. You’ve never seen the vehicle in person, and the only contact you’ve had with the seller was via email or phone. 

In the worst case, the seller disappears with your money. You can hire a lawyer and try to recover your funds but that will take additional time and money. It is also possible that after buying the vehicle you come to find out that the chassis/VIN number on the vehicle and the title do not match, so the vehicle could not be exported and shipped.

Our escrow service provides a secure way to pay for vehicles overseas. No more worries with the seller disappearing with your money, or fake documents. We pay for the vehicle at the time of pickup, verify that the documents and chassis number match, there are no outstanding lien on the title, and collect the car along with the necessary documents for export.