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To ship cars in containers requires careful planning and execution. No two loading plans are alike. Each one is customized for every car to ensure no damage occurs during international car shipping.


International Car Shipping Calculator
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The same due-diligence you apply to finding the perfect classic car, we put into ensuring your car is loaded inside a container safely and securely.

“No two cars are alike, and each one requires a white glove service during loading and unloading on the other side.” - Alex Naumov, COO of West Coast Shipping

Our experienced team in California and New Jersey can load cars, motorcycles, parts, pallets, boxes, and household goods into shipping containers. When you ship in a container you also have the ability to place items inside the vehicle without any extra charges.
We Load And Ship:
  • Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Parts
  • Pallets
  • Boxes
  • Household goods
Shipping Container Specifications

Knowledge of container capacity is one of many variables involved in the logistics of international car shipping.  A reliable car shipping company like WCS can optimally pack and crate vehicles according to their desired use and destination requirements. Classic cars may require more space, racking and safe handling provisions while other vehicles may be good candidates for consolidated shipping. Let us know what you need and we’ll optimize your international car shipping experience.

INSIDE LENGTH 19’4″ 5.89 m
INSIDE WIDTH 7’8″ 2.33 m
INSIDE HEIGHT 7’10″ 2.38 m
DOOR WIDTH 7’8″ 2.33 m
DOOR HEIGHT 7’6″ 2.28 m
CAPACITY 1,172 ft³ 33.18 m³
TARE WEIGHT 4,916 lb 2,229 kg
MAX. CARGO 47,999 lb 21,727 kg
INSIDE LENGTH 39’5″ 12.01 m
INSIDE WIDTH 7’8″ 2.33 m
INSIDE HEIGHT 8’10′ 2.69 m
DOOR WIDTH 7’8″ 2.33 m
DOOR HEIGHT 8’5″ 2.56 m
CAPACITY 2,694 ft³ 76.28 m³
TARE WEIGHT 8,750 lb 3,968 kg
MAX. CARGO 58,450 lb 26,512 kg
INSIDE LENGTH 44'6" 13.56 m
INSIDE WIDTH 7'7''' 2.35 m
INSIDE HEIGHT 8'7'' 2.70 m
DOOR WIDTH 7'-8 1/8" 2.34 m
DOOR HEIGHT 8'-6" 2.59 m
CAPACITY 3,040 ft³ 86 m³
TARE WEIGHT 10,360 lb 4,699 kg
MAX. CARGO 71,500 lb 32,432 kg