Ship your car to United Kingdom with West Coast Shipping, a US based car shipper with a decade of experience on shipping cars to Europe. We are one of the largest car shipping companies in the US, with locations in California and New Jersey. We handle ground transportation, vehicle documentation, export and import clearance, and shipping overseas by container, air-freight, and roll-on/roll-off.

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Ship Your Car to United Kingdom

Shipping vehicles and household goods between the US and the UK is our speciality. We arrange collection, load in-house, clear customs and ship thousands of cars each year. Our global reach gives you some of the best rates on the market, while ensuring your goods are delivered just as they were picked up.

The cheapest option for shipping containers to the UK is to ship in a consolidated container to the port of Southampton. We also have the ability to ship to the ports of Felixstowe and Liverpool.  

Car Shipping Cost to United Kingdom

Rates on container shipping from the USA to United Kingdom are currently at an all time low. You can ship a car from New Jersey to a number of ports for as little as $900 in a consolidated container. This includes the cost of loading the car at our California location, US customs export clearance, and shipping by ocean port-to-port. The freight cost does not include import clearance, VAT or customs duty in United Kingdom. Those costs can be obtained through a local agent which we can provide.


The cost is calculated from the vehicle's value. Contact us to get an insurance quote.

Import Duties and VAT for the UK vary from the type of vehicle, its age and if you are a EU national or moving to the EU. 

Modern cars are usually imported at 10% import duty and 20% VAT. Check below if you are eligible to pay less car import tax or avoid it altogether.

Cars over 30 years old are imported without any import duties, only a 5% VAT has to be paid. However, the authorities are strict to ensure the classic car is original, without any modifications to the engine, chassis, etc. They want to make sure the vehicle is unmodified from its original form. If you are importing cars originally built in the EU, the import duty is £50, plus 20% VAT. Pickup trucks and commercial vehicles are the most expensive, taxed at 22% import duty and 20% VAT. 

You can also avoid paying import duties if you are moving permanently to the EU, get more details here. Temporary imports for up to 6 months can avoid paying the VAT and import duties completely. 

Destination charges are separate from the shipping cost provided by the calculator. Destination charges is what's required to be paid in the UK in order to have the container your vehicle is in picked up from the port, unloaded, and cleared with customs. The costs range depending on the UK agent, how many vehicles you are shipping and which condition they are in. To get an exact quote contact us today.

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Import Cars from United Kingdom

We also import cars to the United States from United Kingdom.


Documents Required for Export

Shipping your car from the United States requires the clearance of US customs. This step requires a few documents to be submitted to prove to the US government that you own the car. Here are the documents required:

  • Bill of Sale for the vehicle

  • Original Vehicle Title - if it currently has a lien on it, you must also provide a lien release letter

  • Power of Attorney form

  • Completed online shipping form

  • Copy of Passport (if you are an international citizen without a US passport)

  • Copy of EIN letter if you are a US citizen

Contact us if you have any questions about the documents required to ship your car overseas to Georgia.

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Shipping Options


By using a container for shipping, we can load anywhere from 1 to 6 cars (depending on size), the vehicles can either run and drive, or be project cars. We offer consolidation when shipping to the port, saving you money by shipping your vehicles along with other cars in the same container. When shipping high-value vehicles, we can load them in their own dedicated 20ft or 40ft containers.


Shipping via Roll-on/Roll-off is another option when shipping cars overseas. However, unlike with containarized car shipping, you cannot ship anything inside of your vehicle, and the car be in run and drive condition to be able to drive on and off the ship. The ports which support RoRo vary widely, and so do the rates.


If you require your vehicle overseas as quickly as possible, we recommend shipping the car via Air-Freight service. Compared to lengthy shipping times and possible port delays when shipping in a container or via RoRo, shipping your car by Air is the quickest shipping options. Transit time is estimated at around 3 to 10 days, depending on the documentation and customs requirements.


Motorcycle Shipping Overseas
How Motorcycles Are Shipped Overseas

Motorcycles are a popular import from the US, and most customers use a container. You can fit up to 8 motorcycles in a 20ft container and up to 16 in a 40ft container. They are securely strapped and braced. This makes it the perfect solution for wholesale buyers and dealers. Use the shipping calculator on this page to get a quote, or contact us.

Another option is shipping your motorcycle via air freight to any international airport. It's a more expensive option, and it requires a custom crate to be built around the bike. However, air freight will minimize transit time.


What We Ship

Leading dealerships, auctions, museums and events ship their vehicles, motorcycles, and special projects around the world with West Coast Shipping. We have the expertise to handle them all.

About Us

We pride ourselves in safely and reliably transporting vehicles for consumers, dealers, collectors, and wholesalers around the world. We speak English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, & Spanish.

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