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Shipping vehicles and household goods between the US and the UK is our speciality. We arrange collection, load in-house, clear customs and ship thousands of cars each year. Our global reach gives you some of the best rates on the market, while ensuring your goods are delivered just as they were picked up.
The cheapest option for shipping containers to the UK is to ship in a consolidated container to the port of Southampton. We also have the ability to ship to the ports of Felixstowe and Liverpool.  

Cost of Car Shipping to the UK

Get an instant car shipping quote by using the car shipping calculator.

It takes around 12 days to ship your car from New York to the UK, and 30 days to ship from California to the UK.

You can also get a quote on shipping via Air Freight or Roll on/Roll off.

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Car Shipping to the United Kingdom

D.Murphy; 10/14/2016 - Shopper Approved Review
Highly recommended. Just a couple of days ago, I got my motorcycle here in England. This is my first shipping request and so far it was a great experience and gave me peace of mind. Thanks to Alex for the exceptional job done.
Car Shipped to: United Kingdom

What to take into account when shipping your car to the UK

Rates for car shipping from the US to the UK range from $900 to $1,300. Get an instant quote and confirm your rate for 30 days by using our car shipping calculator on this page.

Shipping Costs from the US to the UK range from $900 to $1,300. However, this does not include the optional service of having us arrange the collection of your vehicle(s) from anywhere in the US. To get a precise rate, use our car shipping calculator above. 

Import Duties and VAT for the UK vary from the type of vehicle, its age and if you are a EU national or moving to the EU. 

Modern cars are usually imported at 10% import duty and 20% VAT. Check below if you are eligible to pay less car import tax or avoid it altogether.

Cars over 30 years old are imported without any import duties, only a 5% VAT has to be paid. However, the authorities are strict to ensure the classic car is original, without any modifications to the engine, chassis, etc. They want to make sure the vehicle is unmodified from its original form. If you are importing cars originally built in the EU, the import duty is £50, plus 20% VAT. Pickup trucks and commercial vehicles are the most expensive, taxed at 22% import duty and 20% VAT. 

You can also avoid paying import duties if you are moving permanently to the EU, get more details here. Temporary imports for up to 6 months can avoid paying the VAT and import duties completely. 

Marine insurance is an option when shipping your car overseas. The cost is calculated from the vehicle's value. Contact us to get an insurance quote.

Destination charges are separate from the shipping cost provided by the calculator. Destination charges is what's required to be paid in the UK in order to have the container your vehicle is in picked up from the port, unloaded, and cleared with customs. The costs range depending on the UK agent, how many vehicles you are shipping and which condition they are in. To get an exact quote contact us today.

The required documents include an original title, unless your vehicle is a classic car which was originally registered in a state which did not provide titles. The original will be handed into US customs for clearance and then mailed either directly to you, or to the UK agent responsible for unloading and clearing UK customs. If you are a US citizen, you will be required to submit your EIN letter, and if you are not a US citizen, we would need a copy of your passport. Finally we require the shipping form to be completed online, and a signed Power of Attorney form.

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The Methods of Shipping

Shipping your car to the UK can be done using multiple methods, each with its own benefits.

1. Shipping cars in Containers

Perhaps the most utilized car shipping method to the UK, due to the flexibility and cost effectiveness. When shipping one vehicle you have the option of using a dedicated 20ft container, or shipping in a consolidated container with other vehicles. Typically, a 20ft container is used for exotic and high-value vehicles, while consolidation is a cost effective method to ship any type of modern or classic car. Due to the widespread use of container around the world, they can be shipped to nearly any port. A container also allows you to ship other goods in your car. Get a quote on containarized car shipping with the car shipping calculator on this page.

2. Shipping cars via Roll-on/Roll-off 

The cheapest shipping method to the UK is via Roll on/Roll off shipping. It is however not supported by some of the major ports, making it more difficult to arrange shipping. RoRo shipping also requires your vehicle to be in running and driving condition, and you cannot load any other packages or household goods in your car. Get a quote on RoRo shipping to the UK here.

3. Shipping cars via Air Freight

When you are looking ship your car to the UK as fast as possible, shipping via air freight is your best option. Cars shipped by plane can depart from nearly any major US airport and arrive at any international airport in the UK. It can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days for the vehicle to be collected, shipped and all customs clearance documents submitted and cleared. Request a quote on air freight to the UK here.





Disclaimer: We only provide the ground & ocean transportation service. Customer will be responsible for import & unloading fees when the car arrives at the destination port overseas. Insurance is optional.