International Car Shipping Rate Calculator for Dealers

We strive to make the international car shipping process easy and understandable for everyone. Which is why our development team created the instant calculator tool which easily integrates with any website.

The calculator gives your customers instant quotes on the cost of picking up and shipping a single car, a container with 3 cars, a boat, motorcycle, or a pallet of goods from anywhere in the US to more than 100 ports around the world. Our calculator suggests the most efficient and least expensive routing options, and it provides a shipping time estimate.

It only takes a minute to add anywhere on your website or car listing. We developed the calculator thanks to many requests by car dealers who want to expand their international reach and make it easy for their overseas clientele to understand the cost of the car including international shipping.

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International Car Shipping

Calculator Features

  • Ocean Shipping cost from the East and West Coast
  • Ground Transportation cost from any city or zip code in the US
  • Consolidation Service for our most popular destinations, saving you time and money
  • Rates get automatically updated by us on a daily basis, you do not have to make any changes on your side
  • Transit time estimates for ocean, ground, documentation and possible port delays
  • Low cost option reminder - if a customer selected a more expensive route, the calculator will suggest the cheaper option
  • Saves the quote for 30 days by emailing it to the customer. You also receive an email confirmation with the customers information. You can use this to close a sale!
  • Customizable pickup location which can be set to your dealership location. Making it easier for an overseas customer to get the precise cost of ground transport.
  • Variety of calculator sizes allowing you to choose where to  place the calculator. We suggest having it next to each car, motorcycle or boat listings.


International Car Shipping Dealer Calculator


International Car Shipping Calculator