2016 US Car Export Report

Shipping Cars to Russia from the USA

We ship cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and boats from the USA to any port in Russia. Goods are shipped in containers by sea or air freight. We collect from anywhere in the US, load from California or New Jersey, and ship to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Korsakov, Novorossysk, Vladivostok, and Vostochny.

Size alone makes shipping to Russia a challenge. So does port capacity. Many ports facilities are unable to rapidly process the volume of incoming cargo. Complex cargo transfers are required to deliver goods to interior destinations. WCS’s principals are in a unique position to resolve these issues, since Russian is our first language, we know Russian laws and customs and our agent/partner relationships are exceptionally strong.

Freight Rates To Russia

Mercedes GL car shipping to RussiaWest Coast Shipping has expertise in shipping cars internationally to almost anywhere in the world. We take pride in our logistics expertise and our ability to find the most efficient, least expensive routing options and making them available to our customers.

Use our instant car shipping calculator above to get a rate quote for shipping a car, motorcycle, or boat from anywhere in the United States to Russia.

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"Professional service at unbeatable prices. We have tried WCS with a number of cars from NJ and CA to Bremerhaven and we are happy with the results. They handled our classic cars with care and responded rapidly to any of our emails. All together they offer a great service!


Safe and Secure Car Handling

Our expert shipping team consists of in-house loaders who specialize in safely and securely loading and unloading classic cars during their journey overseas. We do not outsource our loading to anyone but our trusted team.

Locations on Both US Coasts

Strategically placed shipping facilities provide secure points of car export and import on the East and West Coast. Which lowers local and international car shipping costs and transit times. Secure indoor storage for your vehicles is also available.

Turn Key Delivery

We pickup and deliver classic cars door to door, around the world. Everything from pickup, loading, shipping, delivery and customs clearance can be arranged. Relax, and enjoy the trip.

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Instant Rates

Our online rate calculator allows you to view current rates for shipping vehicles, boats, motorcycles and pallets anytime, anywhere. It can even calculate the cost of ground transportation from anywhere in the US.

Custom Shipping Solutions

Whether you are looking to ship one car or 20, we will find the solution that best fits your needs and budget. Our team will be there to ensure the logistics go smoothly.

Indirect Direction

G63 shipping overseas to RussiaWCS is well situated to ship to Russia since we can route cargo from either US coast and can enter through Europe or ship direct to Russia. Logistically, the least expensive, most optimal solution may surprise customers. Shipping via China may be longer in miles, but may also provide the most reliable and affordable solution. Our knowledge of complex regional dynamics allows us to bring extra value to our clients who ship to this region.

Going the Distance

We regularly send consolidated shipments to Vladivostok, Vostochny, Novorossysk, Klaipeda and Kotka and provide the full complement of services our customers expect. These include on-line tracking, comprehensive condition reports secured, indoor warehousing and access to our indispensable agents. To insure the safety of anticipated cargo transfers, we take special care to do our own booking, loading and trucking.

Are ready to get started? Use our car shipping calculator above to get an estimate on shipping cars to Russia.

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