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Top 3 Car Selling Sites in 2020 to Sell Your Classic Car to International Buyers

Selling a classic car in the USA? It would be a foolish mistake to only list them for US buyers to find. Demand for muscle cars and classic cars from the United States only continues to grow around the world. Cars are getting more difficult to find overseas, and other countries don't have the same vintage cars the US does. The wider you cast your net of potential buyers, the more views, and ultimately the more inquiries you will get on your car.

Here are the top 3 car selling sites we recommend listing your classic cars for sale:



Dyler is one of the more newer websites on our list with a modern and easily accessible interface. Launched in 2017, they've quickly garnered a worldwide audience. In fact, nearly 50% of all visitors to Dyler.com are from overseas. Dyler presents a great opportunity for classic car sellers to find buyers for their vehicles on a worldwide scale. List your classic car for sale for free on Dyler. - Dyler.com


With over 27,000 classic cars currently listed for sale, Hemmings is one of the largest marketplaces for classic cars in the United States. Not only does it get over 2.5 million hits from US visitors, but it sees over a million international visitors each month. Listing your classic car for sale on Hemmings will give you an additional audience in Germany, UK, and Australia. Hemmings is also the place to list your medium to high value classic cars. - Hemmings.com


ClassicCars.com is another large site to list your classic car for sale on. Over 2 million visits each month, with half a million visitors coming from overseas. While not many buyers come to this site for highly valuable cars, it's a great place to list your American muscle cars for sale. It's the site many come to find classic Mustangs, Corvettes, and Firebirds. - Classiccars.com

Bonus Sites:

eBay Motors

Listing your classic car for sale on eBay is a great start. It gives your car a chance to be seen by over a billion people around the world. That's a whole lot of people, but we recommend listing on more specific, regional eBay sites. You can list your car on eBay's German site, UK site, and Australian site. That will place your car front and center in front of the largest markets for classic cars from the USA. Currently, there are over 11,000 classic cars listed for sale on eBay Motors. - eBay.com

Autotrader Classics

Autotrader is a well respected site in the USA for buying and selling classic cars. While the majority of its traffic comes from the USA (nearly 85%), it remains a great place to list your car for buyers in the UK, Germany, and Australia to find. - Autotrader.com