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Where To Find US Classic Cars For Sale in 2024

Why the US classic car market has something for everyone.

The United States is one of the largest classic car markets in the world. According to Hagerty, there are over 43 million classic cars in the United States, and a record of over $2 billion in sales on online car auctions alone, with nearly double that in sales via private transactions. 

In addition to the staggering sales volumes, the classic car market in the United States offers an endless array of options for enthusiasts. From iconic European and Japanese imports to the beloved American muscle cars like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, there is truly something for everyone in the vast selection of classic cars available. Whether you're a fan of sleek European designs or the raw power of American muscle, the US market has it all waiting to be discovered and cherished by collectors and car enthusiasts alike.


Due to the varying climates across the US, you are also bound to find rust free classics from "dry" Western states such as California. Check out our car buying guide for Northern California here.


Here are the car selling sites to find US classic cars for sale:


1. Bringatrailer

A source that is absolutely exploding amid classic car buyers around the world. They list the most notable and standout classic cars for sale in the United States. They have also launched their own online auction to great fanfare. - Bringatrailer.com


2. Hemmings 

One of the oldest and most prestigious publications offers an extensive number of classic car listings from around the United States. As of today, there are over 22,172 classic cars for sale. You will certainly discover something worth checking out here. - Hemmings.com


3. Craigslist

A classifieds marketplace that is perfect for discovering project cars, rare makes and models, and sometimes even barn finds! The selection really is endless. We recommend using a tool called searchtempest in order to search all local listings at once. - Craigslist


4. Dyler

Quickly gaining traction in the market is the classic car listing website called Dyler. While it's the newest site on our list, it has quickly gained traction worldwide with buyers from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and Australia all searching Dyler for their next classic cars. Check it out yourself - Dyler.com


5. ClassicCars

One of the largest source for US classic cars with 32,147 listings as of today. You are most likely to find cars listed by dealerships since listings aren't free. Classiccars.com


6. eBayMotors

A well known source for cars in countries such as Germany, eBay motors attracts a lot of classic car listings in the US as well. eBay.com/motors


7. Motorious

One of the newer sites on the list that is growing amid US classic car sellers. It is a great source for any American made car you can think of. Currently, there are over 9,686 classic cars listed. - Motorious.com


8. Barnfinds

Similar to Bringatrailer, but smaller in scale. They share a great selection of classics which most other sources tend to ignore. You can find a gem or two hear. - Barnfinds.com


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