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Ship your car overseas from California

California is the 2nd most popular export point for vehicles going overseas. Abundant storage and loading space allows us to ship thousands of cars from California to over 100 overseas destinations around the world. We offer convenient door-to-door car shipping from California to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa. You have the ability to drop of your car at one of our California locations, or we can collect the car from anywhere in California and transport it to our location for loading.


When shipping cars in container from California you will be able to utilize some of the largest, most advanced ports in the nations. The port of Oakland, Los Angeles, Long Beach can all be used when shipping your car from the United States. Your cars will be loaded into a container and taken to the port of departure.


The top ports for RoRo shipping from the USA are the port of Hueneme and the port of Los Angeles. Cars are delivered to the port directly.

Air Freight Service

Cars shipped by air overseas are usually shipped from LAX and SFO. We are able to deliver the car using enclosed transport to any airport in California for export.