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New Jersey International Car Shipping

Shipping a car from New Jersey? We can help.

New Jersey is one of the largest sources for cars from the United States. It's the home to many large dealerships, auctions and automotive events. Which is why the region is responsible for the majority of US vehicle exports.

Ship Your Car From New Jersey

We utilize the busiest car shipping port in the United States, the Port of New York/New Jersey.  

You have the choice of delivering the car to our East Coast loading facilities yourself, or you can have us pick up the car from any location in the United States.

We ship cars in 20, 40 and 45 containers from New Jersey. We also offer cheaper consolidated shipping to the most popular destinations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa. Roll-on/Roll-off car shipping is offered from New Jersey. In fact, it's one of the busiest RoRo ports in the nation. 

If you require a faster method of shipping cars from New Jersey, air freight will allow you to ship your cars in as little as one day to any international airport around the world.


In addition to our facility in California, we also ship cars from our New Jersey location. 

  • All enclosed
  • Safe handling
  • Temperature controlled
  • Secure Storage
  • Delivery from all over the US
  • Import and export capability

Read more about our brand new all-enclosed New Jersey facilities.