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Florida Warehouse Is Ready To Ship Your Cars

The renovations at our Florida location are complete and we're ready to accept more cars for export and import. We have consolidated shipping to Europe, Middle East, South America and Australia available. Plus hundreds of destinations worldwide via dedicated container service.

Exporting vehicles from other US ports? Expand your reach from Florida with our expert loading services and title clearance.

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Florida Improvements

  • Space for 250 vehicles indoors
  • 24/7 Alarm and video monitoring
  • Enclosed and open transport from across the US
  • Loading docks and ramps to accommodate low profile cars
  • Fully sprinkled building for fire protection
  • Competitive rates on damage protection
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Where Can You Ship Cars From Florida To?

Port of Miami and Port Everglades have ocean service to anywhere in the world. If you have regular monthly shipments, we can load 2, 3, or 4 cars in a container and deliver to your port. We can also send a single car in a dedicated 20ft container.

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Great Rates On Single Car Shipments

Here are the destinations we service regularly from Florida. You will get our best rate when shipping your single vehicle to the following destinations:


  • BELGIUM: Antwerp
  • FRANCE: Fos-sur-Mer, Le Havre
  • GEORGIA: Batumi, Poti
  • GERMANY: Bremerhaven
  • LITHUANIA: Klaipeda
  • NETHERLANDS: Rotterdam
  • POLAND: Gdynia,
  • SWEDEN: Gothenburg
  • UK: Southampton


  • AUSTRALIA: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney
  • NEW ZEALAND: Auckland


  • UAE: Jebel Ali

Use our online calculator below to view rates and save them 30 days.

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