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Australian’s love affair with classic American cars cannot be disputed

Australian’s love affair with classic, muscle and collectable American cars cannot be disputed. Whether there is a connection with a period of time, the charm and elegance of a particular vehicle, or the pure grunt of American metal - vehicles from the USA continue to hold a special place in our hearts and minds.

The thought of having our own piece of moving history is an exciting prospect. With the continued rise and credibility of online platforms and the ease of communicating remotely through any number of different applications and devices, researching and securing a vehicle abroad has never been more achievable. Quite literally vehicles are at your fingertips.

For years, Los Angeles was the melting pot of the classic and muscle car market for would be buyers from all over the world. In addition to Australians, Europeans have been going there in droves sourcing the best of what is available. Due to the demand the stock in LA has been significantly diluted.

Fortunately for classic car enthusiasts the USA is a big place with a commercial market so significant in comparison to our own, that it is often hard to fathom how many cars may be out there built through the glory days of American motoring.

Over the past few years we have noticed a significant trend toward quality vehicles being sourced on the East Coast of the USA. Places such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston boast quality stock that for years went unnoticed due to the preoccupation with Los Angeles.

Shipping directly from the East Coast is now also an option. West Coast Shipping have our own depot and loading facility in New Jersey servicing the Port of New York which services direct vessels to Australia.

Shippers can save big dollars by shipping direct from NY when vehicles are found on the East Coast of the USA. No longer do shippers have to pay significant dollars to road transport a car across the country to Los Angeles. No longer do shippers have to risk damage to their vehicle on long cross country commutes.

Some examples of dollars saved when shipping from NY instead of California are as follows:

  • Vehicle found in Philadelphia shipping from NY - save USD 1250
  • Vehicle found in Chicago shipping from NY - save USD 450
  • Vehicle found in Miami shipping from NY - save USD 700

Vehicle found in New Jersey shipping from NY - save USD 1250

West Coast Shipping offers our full suite of shipping services from NY including:

  • Asbestos testing and Parts removal
  • Collection from any location - Private, Dealer, Auction
  • Condition reports
  • Photos of all vehicles
  • Tracking numbers for shipping
  • No extra cost for non running cars** (Conditions may apply)

If you are interested in a vehicle that is not located near the West Coast of the USA, have the confidence to know that the process for your vehicle will be streamlined to your port of choice.

Of course we ship from California also being headquartered in Oakland servicing the Port of San Francisco. We service all West Coast locations including Los Angeles from this location.

For an estimate please check out our shipping calculator here, or for a formal quote and further information please contact me, your local Australian specialist.Australian’s love affair with Classic , Muscle and exotic American cars cannot be disputed