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Australia's New 25-Year Rule For Car Imports

Regulations for importing cars into Australia is having a positive shake up that will benefit fans of classic and muscle cars that just fell outside of the existing Pre-89 Import Option. What does this all mean?

Well in-short, some amazing and rarely imported (if at all) cars will now be available to be imported into Australia and remain a LHD. In addition to all cars manufactured before 1989, cars manufactured between 1989 and 1995 will be importable. Pre-existing requirements remain as far as any required compliance and registration within in States as per the existing Pre-89 rule.

“In essence, this will entail enabling access to specialist, enthusiast and older vehicles (vehicles older than 25 years old) that would been available under the RVS legislation had it commenced. The Government has commenced working with industry representative organisations on the detail of these measures to enable practical implementation from 10 December 2019. More detailed information will be published on this website once this work has been finalised."

Taken directly from the Department of Infrastructure website.

Applications for older vehicles will be able to be made from 10 December 2019. Under this option, the vehicle must meet the eligibility criteria under rule 36 of the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019.