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Bradley GT2 - A kit car unknown to the world

After shipping tens of thousands of cars overseas, it has become increasingly rare to come upon a classic car that we have trouble identifying at first sight. But this was the case with the Bradley GT2 we received at our California shipping facilities last year.

The Bradley GT2 is a rare gem among car enthusiasts, with its unique design and limited production numbers. Originally released in the early 1970s as a kit-car, the GT2 was marketed as an affordable sports car that could be built and customized by the owner. The car's fiberglass body and Volkswagen Beetle chassis made it a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts looking for a fun and unique project.

Despite its low production numbers, the GT2 has developed a passionate online following, with forums and social media groups dedicated to the car's history and modifications. The car's most distinctive feature is its gullwing doors, which add to its futuristic aesthetic and make it a standout on the road.

While the GT2 may have been forgotten in a San Francisco warehouse, its discovery and subsequent shipping to Germany is a testament to its enduring appeal among car enthusiasts and collectors.


Despite the Bradley GT2 being a low production (less than 500) kit-car, it has a surprisingly active online following among car enthusiasts. Did we mention the car also has gullwing doors?