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Consolidate Cargo When Shipping Cars Overseas

The Benefits of Consolidating Your International Car Shipment.

Whether you are shipping a single vehicle or transporting numerous cars worldwide, your objective is to find the most reliable, least expensive solution available. As you prepare your car for shipping, you should consider the options offered by international shippers to consolidate your car exports and imports. International Car Shipping

What is consolidation? In the international auto transport industry, cargo consolidation refers to a common, cooperative practice where several shippers agree to share a single container in order to obtain the best possible price for their international car shipments.


Which companies offer consolidated cargo shipping? Typically consolidated cargo options are only offered by the larger companies with major shipping volume. This volume makes it possible to maintain reciprocal agreements with other companies and to ensure timely deliveries.

What are the benefits of consolidation?The over-riding benefit of consolidation is a reduction in cost without a compromise in the reliability, quality and timeliness of overseas car shipments.

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How does it work? Containers typically come in two sizes, 20 cubic feet and 40 cubic feet. While only a single car fits into the 20 foot chamber, 3 or more cars can be loaded into the larger unit. An experienced international shipper designs loading ramps that optimize space usage. Since most container cargo is priced by volume, not weight, the resulting cost reductions go straight to the customer.

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How much can I save?The simple answer is a lot. For instance, if you were to exclusively ship a single car from the Port of Oakland, California to Rotterdam, Netherlands, it would probably cost around $2750. If you ship this same car in a shared, consolidated container, you can expect the cost to drop to approximately $1300, a savings of over 50%. What’s more, at delivery warehouse fees and unloading costs are shared, further reducing your costs. 1

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Will I be inconvenienced? It’s possible because your shipper may have to wait until the container is full before letting it go. If you are lucky, your car may be the last one needed to finish packing a container so it could go out immediately. Alternatively, if your car(s) arrive first, you may have to wait. When you ask for your international car shipping quote, you will need to weigh the cost of a potential delay versus the expense of shipping the car solo.

On average, how long will it take to ship my car? Typically it takes two weeks to clear customs and load and ship a vehicle but depending on volume, it can take up to four. Some international shippers, to facilitate customers, will ship cargo before a container is completely full. This goodwill adds to the reliability and bottom line experience of car importers and exporters worldwide.

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1 Prices may vary and are subject to change at any time. For up-to-date pricing, please check the shipping calculator located on our website or contact us for an instant international car shipping quote.