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Here's How To Find Out If Your Vehicle Meet US Emissions Standards

Despite what many say, it is possible to import a car that's under 25 years old. Although you have to meet a few requirements set by the US government. If the car is built for US safety and emissions standards, than you may import the vehicle legally. Here's how to find out if your vehicle meets the requirements.

You can verify if your vehicle meets EPA standards by locating the Vehicle Emissions Label in your vehicle. It looks something like this:

vehicle emissions sticker

The emissions label states that the car conforms to regulations for both the US EPA and California's emissions standards.

To find the emissions label in your vehicle, look for it in these places:

  • The car should have a sticker by the drivers door that specifies the car fits US standards and safety regulations
  • Second sticker is under the hood and specifies whether the vehicle fits US emissions, or both US and California
  • On a motorcycle, the emissions label can be found on the frame, or in the glove compartment

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