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Latest on Port Congestion & New Rates to Europe

In the past 30 days, we have seen a significant improvement in shipping schedules and decreasing vessel wait times from the US to Europe. Our team has worked incredibly hard to clear the congestion at all of our warehouses, and we have the space available for your vehicles. We now provide 30-days of storage free of charge on all vehicles.

We must also share the new rates announced by ocean carriers for shipping routes from the West Coast to Europe. There are no rate increases from the East Coast ports. Further details can be found below in this email.

30 Days of Free Storage Returns

  • We have cleared the congestion at our facilities in California, New Jersey, Florida and Texas. We are again able to offer 30-days of free storage for all vehicles.

  • $10/day for cars stored over 30 days, and $5/day for motorcycles stored for over 30 days.

  • Storage does not apply to cars shipped LCL (single car in a consolidated container). The storage fee stops accumulating when all of your cars and documents are ready for shipping. The time it takes for us to load and return the container will never cost you anything extra.

  • With the congestion cleared, we are again accepting cars without titles ready in California.

Lien Sales Offered in California

  • We have resumed offering lien sales at $500/lien sale when shipping from California.

$200 Ground Transport from LA

  • If you are shipping vehicles from Los Angeles, we continue to offer fast and reliable service starting from $200 to move cars from Los Angeles to the port of Oakland for export.

No Extra Chassis Fees

  • Because we own our own fleet of chassis, we do not charge you any chassis fees on export containers.

No Container Storage

  • We own and operate our own facilities and any extra charges due to container storage is our problem, not yours.

Guaranteed Space With All Major Carriers

  • We have allocated space from the West Coast to Europe with ONE, YangMing, Hapag-Lloyd and MSC. Hapag and ONE have direct service to Europe which brings transit times down to as little as 28 days.

  • Carriers such as MSC do not sail directly to Europe and make 2 or more stops along the way to reload containers on other vessels. This can result in delays anywhere from 2 to 6 months long.

Improved Transit Times from California

Transit times from California to Europe have continued to improve and it is now possible to reach the base ports of Europe in as little as 24 days. Click on the chart below to see it in detail.

wc transit

You can verify the tracking information directly from the carriers website here.

East Coast Remain Stable

Transit times from New Jersey and Florida remain unchanged, with ocean carriers reaching base ports of Europe in as little as 11 days from New Jersey, and as little as 28 days from Florida.

ec transit