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Latest On Rates & Service To The Middle East

With congestion now over, cars are arriving from the US to the Middle East in only 28 days.

Latest Car Shipping Rates

To Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates

  • From New Jersey:
    • $1,100 per car OR $2,500 for 4-cars in a 40ft container* 
    • 28 day transit time
  • From Florida:
    • $4,000 for 4-cars in a 40ft container*
    • 30 day transit time

To Dammam, Saudi Arabia

  • From New Jersey:
    • $1,400 per car
    • 34 day transit time
*Monthly volume of 10 containers per month with 4-cars per container
Car shipping to the Middle East continues to flourish from the ports of New Jersey and Miami. The ability to ship in affordable shared containers remains available. 
There is currently no consolidation from Oakland, California due ocean carriers severely limiting shipping routes which leaves just a single expensive carrier with the ability to reach the Middle East. We can however offer to transport your vehicles from anywhere in the US and export them from our facilities in New Jersey and Miami.

What We Offer Our Customers

Instant Online Quotes

Using our powerful online calculator, you get an instant shipping quote from any US zip code to major ports worldwide. Our tool also quotes optional cargo damage protection, open & enclosed transport, and provides estimates for destination charges, customs duties and door delivery to major cities. Best of all, by using our tool you can save your quote for the next 30 days.


Container Loading At Our Own Warehouses, With Our People

Vehicle and box acceptance at our own loading facilities in California, New Jersey and Florida. We also ship through a partner facility in Texas. 

$200 Ground Transport from Los Angeles to Oakland

We offer fast and reliable $200 ground transport for vehicles from Los Angeles to Oakland for export.

Open & Enclosed Transport From Any State

We work with a reliable network of car carries who safely transport vehicles from any US state to our loading facilities.

30 Days of Free Storage

We continue to accept vehicles and offer 30 days of free storage at our shipping facilities in CA, NY & FL.

Reliable Partners Worldwide

We take pride in working with the best partners worldwide to accept, unload, clear customs and deliver vehicles to your door, anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed Space On Ships

Allocated space from all US coasts with all carriers sailing to major ports worldwide.

No Container Storage Fees

We own and operate our own facilities and any extra charges due to container storage is our problem, not yours.

No Extra Chassis Fees

We own our own fleet of chassis and we do not charge you any chassis fees on export containers.