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Netherlands VAT increase in 2019

A new tax law was signed in the Netherlands, which raises VAT on classic cars to 9% in 2019. The Dutch have previously enjoyed a 6% VAT on classics, one of the lowest in the EU.

We've been following the news and here's what you need to know:
  • Classics will continue to be imported through the Netherlands as a 3% increase, although unwelcome, won't discourage most importers
  • High value cars can be imported through Germany and the UK, which have a lower 7% and 5.5% duty
  • The Dutch tax office will not asses an additional 3% import duty on invoices paid during 2018 where the transactions (goods and service to which the lower VAT rate applies) will take place in 2019
  • Consolidation remains available to the Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and more using the fastest shipping routes from our facilities in California and New York. There are currently no delays at the ports, and cargo is leaving on time.
Current transit times on car exports to the Netherlands:
  • California (no delays) - 30 days
  • New York (no delays) - 9 days