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New California Location!

We are happy to share that West Coast Shipping is expanding to a larger and more secure space in California. We will now be able to offer more for our customers than ever before. The move will take place during the last week of November.


Our new address will be:
1200 Wright Ave
Richmond, CA 94804

Greater Efficiency:

- Closer to the Port of Oakland and only one block away from Interstate 580

- 44 Loading Docks gives us the ability to load dozens of containers at once

- Easier access point for vehicle drop offs


More Space:

- With 5 acres of space, we will now be able to have over 1,000 vehicles on the West Coast

- 15,000 sq ft of Secure Indoor Space

- Allows us to process up to 40 containers each day

- Storage for your large boats and heavy equipment

- Ability to accept a larger amount of parts and parcels for shipment in your containers

Advanced Security:

- Multiple cameras with 24/7 monitoring via a security company

- Perimeter secured by 10 foot high fence with barbed wire and a 7,000 volt deterrent

- Cement blocks lining the property prevent anyone from driving off with your vehicle

- Fully lit with multiple alarms and motion detectors

- With us being the single tenant it makes it easier to limit access from unauthorized parties