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How to manage your car imports & exports using the online car shipping portal

West Coast Shipping has made it easier to manage all of your car imports and exports. Now you can view documents, photos, real-time status updates, and more using our Online Portal. Here are a few more details on how to access the system and put it to use.

Accessing the Online Portal

Our online portal requires a personalized login to access the system. If you're a wholesale client shipping numerous vehicles per month, you can request access to the online portal by emailing us.


Pickup Orders

Pickup orders are created if we collect your vehicle using a car carrier and delivered to one of our warehouses. If you are delivering the vehicle yourself, you will have a Warehouse Receipt created in the online portal.

Click on the Pick Up order tab in the online portal to view  all of your pickup orders. If you look at the status, you can tell which cars are still on the car carrier on the way to our facility, if they are at our warehouse already, and if they have been assigned to a container being shipped overseas.

Here's a breakdown of each status a Pickup Order may have:

  • Arriving - received your order and are actively working on it
  • On Hand - we've received your vehicle and its in our warehouse - photos are available but no shipping dates yet
  • In Process - your vehicle is now a part of a planned shipment or already on the way overseas. Check the shipments tab to see further details on estimate arrival and departure times. 

Upon double clicking on PO, you will see notes specifying whether we reached the pickup location, the availability of the pickup location, and any other info provided to us by the seller.

If you are not seeing your pickup order, please double check the dates set in the filter up top.


Warehouse Receipts

If your vehicle was delivered by a car carrier to our location, or if you delivered the vehicle yourself, there will be a warehouse receipt available in the online portal.

Warehouse receipts provide the following information:

  • Notes will show info on the vehicle, include the title status
  • Attachments will have the photos of the vehicle upon arrival
  • Condition report of the vehicle upon delivery

To download multiple attached files/photos, you must click on the first image then hold shift and click on the last image - then hit Save. All of the highlighted files will then be downloaded to your computer.

System will also show if the vehicle is in process, and if it is linked to a planned shipment



After your Pickup Order or Warehouse Receipt is marked as in process, you will find more details in the shipments tab.

  • Please note if the number is WCSXXXX - then we are shipping a full containers otherwise known as the master shipment
  • If the number is HBOLXXXXXX - then it's a single vehicle shipment - where you can access the documentation for that specific vehicle

After you enter the Warehouse Receipt, you can view the departure date of the container, and the estimated arrival date overseas. Here you can also view your shipping documents, including the bill of lading.

To track the container in greater detail, you can use the ocean carrier's website and track via the container number.



You can view all of your open and paid invoices using the online portal. You can easily view which cars the invoices are linked to, and the containers they are arriving in.