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Rates for the 2024 Scottsdale Auctions & Events

The Scottsdale Arizona auctions and events take place this week and our team will be on site to get your dream cars home, anywhere in the world. We're offering special rates on exports via containers and air starting from $2,400, with enclosed transport from the events included. Our rates below are inclusive of all export formalities.

Scottsdale Export Rates

by CONTAINER for $2,400 with enclosed pickup

  • To the Ports of Southampton, Le Havre, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven: $2,400
  • Includes enclosed transport from the Scottsdale events

by AIR from $9,900 with enclosed pickup

  • To Liège Airport, Belgium: $9,900
  • To Frankfurt & Amsterdam: $10,350
  • To Heathrow: $11,250
  • Includes enclosed transport from the Scottsdale events

Additional Services:

  • Strategic customs clearance for the EU in Denmark and Belgium
  • Duty drawback
  • Fumigation
  • Asbestos testing


Scottsdale Auctions Logistics Support:

  • Temporary vehicle imports and show & display imports.
  • Secure storage & staging facility.
  • Enclosed and open transport to & from the events with standby on site.
  • Competitive rates on cargo protection.