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Shipping Cars Overseas to Afghanistan through Pakistan


Shipping Cars Overseas to Afghanistan

If you need to have a vehicle shipped to anywhere in Afghanistan then Karachi, Pakistan is a city that you should become familiar with. Why? Because all automobiles transported to Afghanistan will likely need to go through Karachi as Afghanistan does not have any sea ports.

International Car Shipping to Afghanistan

Because of it’s location, Karachi, Pakistan is important for shipping a vehicle to Afghanistan. It is the nearest sea port to Afghanistan and is considered to be a “gateway” port to many central Asian locations in addition to Afghanistan. Unfortunately, there is no rail network in Afghanistan and all trade is conducted by land route from Pakistan and other nearby countries. As such, cars in transit to Afghanistan can be exempted from custom duty and taxes in Pakistan.

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Advice on Shipping Cars Internationally to Afghanistan

If you need to have an automobile shipped to Afghanistan via Karachi, Pakistan there are a few basic tips that you should be familiar with: International Car Shipping

  1. Have proper documentation
  2. Keep all of your papers organized
  3. Check the citizenship requirements
  4. Make sure you car meets the required Afghan standards
  5. Think about potential customs issues
  6. Prepare to pay VAT taxes
  7. Make sure you hold a valid Afghanistan drivers license
  8. Research government transportation license fees
  9. Get the correct insurance
  10. Give it time, shipping a vehicle to Afghanistan is not going to be a quick task.

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