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Where To Buy Classic American Muscle Cars

Classic muscle cars from the USA are some of the most popular vehicle exports. If you are looking to acquire your own classic muscle car, we've put together a few resources for you below.


Classic Car Dealerships

Many dealerships specialize in selling classic and vintage cars. These dealerships often have a wide selection of muscle cars from the desired era. You can search online.


Online Marketplaces

Websites such as eBay Motors, Hemmings, and ClassicCars.com provide extensive listings of classic muscle cars for sale. These platforms allow you to search by make, model, year, and location, making it easier to find the specific car you're interested in.


Classic car auctions, both physical and online, are another great way to find muscle cars from the desired era. Barrett-Jackson and Mecum Auctions are well-known auction companies that regularly feature classic muscle cars.

Car Shows and Swap Meets

Attending car shows and swap meets can provide an opportunity to connect with collectors and enthusiasts who may have muscle cars for sale or know where to find them. These events often attract classic car owners and can offer a chance to explore a variety of models. 


Classified Ads

Local newspapers, automotive magazines, and online classified websites like Craigslist sometimes have listings for classic muscle cars for sale. However, exercise caution when dealing with private sellers and thoroughly inspect any vehicle before making a purchase.

Muscle Car Clubs and Forums

Joining muscle car clubs and online forums dedicated to classic American cars can connect you with like-minded enthusiasts who may have leads on available muscle cars or be willing to sell their own vehicles.


Secure Your Car Purchase

Remember that classic muscle cars can vary greatly in terms of condition, rarity, and price. It's important to do thorough research, have the vehicle inspected  and consider factors such as restoration costs before making a purchase. Working with a knowledgeable mechanic or car inspector can also be beneficial to assess the condition of a potential purchase.

Speak to us about how we can set you up with a vehicle  inspector in the area that the vehicle is located in and how we can assist with a secure escrow payment. Learn more about our escrow services here.