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Cargo Damage Protection

Why You Need Cargo Damage Protection

Accidents happen and when they occur, the Bill of Lading and Shipping Terms limit our liability to $500 per vehicle. With the optional Cargo Damage Protection, you can be protected for the declared vehicle value if all conditions are met.


What Does Cargo Damage Protection Cover?

Cargo Damage Protection covers physical damage, which can be proven with pictures taken by our team prior to shipping, and actual physical damage visible after unloading by one of our partner agents overseas. If unloaded by an untrusted agent, the shipper must provide pictures showing actual physical damage prior to unloading by the agent. 


What Does Cargo Damage Protection Not Cover?

  • Mechanical, electrical components, and the undercarriage of the vehicle.
  • Mold, mildew, washing, polishing, vermin, and personal property stored inside the vehicle.
  • Acts of God, war risk and/or terrorism.
  • Any loss of value due to damage and repair as a result of non-OEM parts, which might not be available at a reasonable cost, or loss of value due to non-original parts and paint.
  • Any damage smaller than the size of a U.S. quarter coin.
  • Any damage occurring after unloading while in storage at the destination 3rd party warehouse.
  • Any damage, or loss to tires more than five years old, or batteries more than two years old.

For a detailed list of exclusions please review our Bill of Lading Terms and Shipping Terms.



The deductible for Cargo Damage Protection is $500 per vehicle.


What To Do If There Is Damage At The Destination

Step 1:

If you’re using one of our partner agents at the destination, please ask the receiving agent for pictures of the vehicle after it was unloaded and share these pictures with our damage resolution team: damage@wcshipping.com.

If you’re using one of your own receiving agents, please make sure to request pictures are taken prior to unloading, as Damage Cargo Protection does not apply to damages caused by non-trusted agents.

Step 2:

Request 2 quotes from repair shops, and email these quotes to damage@wcshipping.com

Step 3:
Our team will compare the pictures of the damage with the pictures of your vehicle when we first received it, evaluate the damage, along with the 2 quotes, and respond within 2 business days.

Step 4:

If we determine that the vehicle was damaged during transit, we will evaluate the 2 quotes. If we determine that these quotes are reasonable, we will refund you the cost of repairs minus the $500 deductible up to the declared value of the vehicle which you indicated prior to shipping. If the 2 quotes are unreasonable, we will find our own repair shop in your area, and will pay them directly to repair your vehicle.