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What to Expect

Scottsdale auction week is quickly becoming one of the prime events for avid classic car buyers. Just in 2014, six Scottsdale classic car auctions had sold 2,381 cars for a total of $253 million. And for 2015 everyone is expecting an even larger sale due to the increased interest from overseas classic car buyers.


Classic Car Sales Events in Scottsdale Arizona

Barret-Jackson January 10-18th

Running for 8 days, the Barret-Jackson Scottsdale classic car auction is the longest auction being held in Scottsdale. For 2015, Barret-Jackson is proud to introduce Ron Pratte’s collection for sale. His car collection is estimated to get over $50 million at auction. The most special car being his General Motors Futurliner bus that cost him $4 million in 2005.

Russo & Steele January 14-18th

2015 will mark the 15th year that Russo & Steele has attended Scottsdale. They plan to continue with what they’re mostly known for, american muscle cars and accessible European sports cars.


RM Auctions January 15-16th

When attending RM Auctions you won’t be disappointed to know that they once again have a high quality line up. With a 1964 Ferrari 250 LM capable of breaking the $10 million marker, it may certainly be a record year.

Silver Auctions - January 15-17th

2015 is Silver’s 18th year in Arizona. With over 400 cars in the expected lineup, there should be something for everyone.

Gooding & Company January 16-17th

Over 125 cars are being offered, with 18 of them estimated to sell for over $1 million. The special car of the lineup being the 1959 Ferrari 250 FT LWB California Spider which is estimated at $8 to $10 million.

Bonhams January 17th

14 Ferraris are expected at sale, with the most special one being a 1966 Ferrari 275 Gran Truism Berlinetta Competition Scaglietti.

Auction Results for 2015

With $292.8 million in sales from six auctions, an average sell through rate of 86 percent and an average selling price of $115,729, 2015 is off to a record year.


Total Sales: $131.9 million
Sold: 1,599
Unsold: 18
Notable sales:
1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake – $5.1 million 
1950 GM Futurliner Parade of Progress Tour Bus – $4 million
1954 Pontiac Bonneville Special Motorama Concept Car – $3.3 million
2015 BMW 30 Jahre M5 Sedan - $700,000

RM Auctions

Total Sales: $63.7
Sold: 114
Unsold: 13
Notable sales:
1964 Ferrari 250 LM, chassis 5899 GT - $9,625,000
1971 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 Cabriolet - $473,000
1984 Audi Sport Quattro garnered $401,500
2005 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione – $1,622,500
1969 Porsche 911 S ‘Soft Window’ Targa - $286,000


Total Sales: $24.8 million
Sold: 73
Unsold: 11
Notable sales:
1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione Coupe - $9,405,000
1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing Coupe - $1,375,000
1958 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster - $1,237,500
1904 Humber 8.5hp Twin-Cylinder Two-Seater - $148,500
1948 Automobile Shippers Special Indy Roadster – $473,000

Gooding & Co

Total Sales: $51.5 million
Sold: 114
Unsold: 12
Notable sales:
1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider – $7,700,000
1962 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Series I Coupe Aerodinamico – $4,070,000
1966 Porsche 906 Carrera 6 –$1,980,000
1959 BMW 507 Series II – $1,815,000
1988 Porsche 959 Sport – $1,705,000

Russo & Steele

Total Sales: $19.6 million
Sold: 414
Unsold: 247
Notable sales:
1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPO Sport Coupe - $335,500
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Sportsroof - $330,000
1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Coupe - $302,500
1957 Porsche 356 Speedster - $286,000
1953 Jaguar XK120 Roadster - $143,000

Silver Auctions

Total Sales: $3.59 million
Sold: 218
Unsold: 106
Notable sales:
1956 DeSoto Firedome Convertible - $85,320
1966 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Coupe - $82,080
1997 Lamborghini Diablo - $71,280
1931 Packard Standard 8 Convertible - $64,800
1932 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster - $56,160

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