The West Coast Shipping Facilities

Anyone engaged in international trade stands to benefit from our bi-coastal, international car, boat, motorcycle and heavy equipment shipping services. Our bi-coastal advantage allows us to offer optimal routing based on your priorities. We currently offer storage and loading out of two locations: Richmond, California, near the Port of Oakland and in New Jersey, near the Port of Elizabeth. The Richmond facility has over 5 acres of space for your cars, boats, motorcycles and heavy equipment. It is conveniently located near the port of Oakland, which enables us to save you time and money when shipping cars overseas.

International Car shipping from the USA facilitiesTogether, these two ports efficiently provide rapid service to destinations around the globe. What’s more, because we have established West Coast Shipping as a volume, international car shipping company, we have developed and carefully maintained exceptional relationships with most of the major ocean carriers. Equally important, we have cultivated extensive contacts with overseas agents. These trusted individuals assist our clients with customs and import documentation, oversee cargo transfers and help with the logistics of safely delivering cargo once a destination is safely reached. 

At West Coast Shipping, we pride ourselves in being nimble and able to react quickly to situations as they may arise, but our intention is to proactively build alliances for the long haul. Our mission is to create enduring, mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers and carriers. What distinguishes us from our competitors? Quite simply, we view our success as tied to yours. We succeed when we discover logistical solutions that increase your profitability. Give us a try. We’re certain you will like what you find. Join the West Coast Shipping team where the commitment to win/win is authentic, not just an overused cliché.

In March 2016, we completed our merger with Aladdin Freight.

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