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We are a family owned international car shipping company based in California and New Jersey providing international car shipping services from the United States to any overseas destination.

We specialize in collecting, loading and shipping classic and exotic cars to Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. We ship cars in containers to over 100 destinations overseas. We also ship cars via air freight to any international airport around the world.

We cater to classic car dealers and collectors, and offer competitive insurance rates on your cargo. See why the industry leaders trust us to move their classic and exotic cars.

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Why ship with us?

Professional Loading

Why go through a third party that outsources loading to companies you have never heard of? Our team utilizes a decades worth of loading experience to ensure the safest methods of loading.

Shipping From the West and East Coast

Our loading and shipping facilities in California and New Jersey allow us to provide more economical ground and ocean shipping rates.

Instant Rates

Our online rate calculator allows you to view current rates for shipping vehicles, boats, motorcycles and pallets anytime, anywhere. It can even calculate the cost of ground transportation from anywhere in the US.

Custom Shipping Solutions

Whether you are looking to ship one car or 20, we will find the solution that best fits your needs and budget. Our team will be there to ensure the logistics go smoothly.

Top destinations last quarter

Germany 4,512 cars
Netherlands 3,595 cars
South Korea 1,472 cars
United Kingdom 1,469 cars
Australia 1,513 cars
Belgium 1,397 cars