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Australia & New Zealand: Updates to Rates & Shipping Routes

Here are a number of updates on shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

New Service To Australia From NJ

We now offer new service for FCL (full container loads) from New Jersey to Australia. It is a more affordable car shipping service with a transshipment stop in Asia. Transit times are between 75 to 100 days.

  • Transshipped containers from NJ to Australia are $7500 for a 40ft container with 4 cars.

New Rates For Direct Service From NJ & FL

Ocean carriers have announced new rates on direct service from the East Coast to both Australia and New Zealand. Transit time is 30 days.

  • +$400/car from NJ & FL to Australia & New Zealand
  • OR +$1200/container 

The new rate is effective for containers loaded on and after October 1st, 2022.

No Changes To Rates From California 

Exports from California remain unaffected. Rates and service remain unchanged from California. There is no major congestion and we continue to secure space on ocean vessels that our customers require. Vessels depart on a stable weekly schedule. We are not adding any additional surcharges.


Asbestos & Fumigation

We provide asbestos testing for vehicles, along with fumigation.

No Extra Chassis Fees

We own our own fleet of chassis and we do not charge you any chassis fees on export containers.

Guaranteed Space With Carriers

Allocated space from both West & East Coast with all carriers sailing to Australia & New Zealand.

30 Days of Free Storage

We continue to accept vehicles and offer 30 days of free storage at our shipping facilities in CA, NY & FL.

Lien Sales Offered in California

We have resumed offering lien sales at $500/lien sale when shipping from California.

No Container Storage Fees

We own and operate our own facilities and any extra charges due to container storage is our problem, not yours.