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Updates on Shipping to Australia & NZ

Service to Australia and New Zealand has improved drastically. We have the warehouse space, containers, and allocation on ocean vessels to ship your vehicles. We also continue to provide shipping to Auckland, just as ocean carriers have started to skip Long Beach/Los Angeles and Auckland until at least September. The only way to currently ship to Auckland is from Oakland.

Long Beach Omissions

Below is the upcoming vessel schedule from Oakland and Long Beach to Australia and New Zealand. As you can see, every vessel which is scheduled to make a stop in New Zealand, will also skip Los Angeles. Ocean carriers including ANL, Hapag-Lloyd, and Maersk will continue to omit the Port of Long Beach for the foreseeable future.


We have additional space on vessels departing Oakland to Australia and New Zealand.

anz 3

Schedules subject to change - stay up to date by clicking here.

Regular Service From Oakland to AUS & NZ


Because we ship through the Port of Oakland near San Francisco, we continue to offer container shipping to New Zealand. Starting in July, there are regular departures to both Australia and NZ. Vessels arriving in NZ will stop at either Auckland or Marsden Point. Containers arriving to Marsden Point will incur an additional $2000NZD per 40ft container. 

$200 Ground Transport from LA to Oakland

If your car is stuck in Los Angeles, we are happy to offer you the same cost to pickup the car as it is to deliver to LA. We offer fast and secure $200 auto transport to our warehouse in Oakland. Oakland is only a 6 hour drive North from LA. Let me know where in LA your vehicle is located and I will work to get you the special rate.

East Coast Transit Times & Space

Transit times from the East Coast remain unchanged from the previous month. 

ec times

Asbestos & Fumigation

We provide asbestos testing for vehicles, along with fumigation.

No Extra Chassis Fees

We own our own fleet of chassis and we do not charge you any chassis fees on export containers.

Guaranteed Space With Carriers

Allocated space from both West & East Coast with all carriers sailing to Australia & New Zealand.

30 Days of Free Storage

We continue to accept vehicles and offer 30 days of free storage at our shipping facilities in CA, NY & FL.

Lien Sales Offered in California

We have resumed offering lien sales at $500/lien sale when shipping from California.

No Container Storage Fees

We own and operate our own facilities and any extra charges due to container storage is our problem, not yours.