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Exporting a Californian Registered Car - What the DMV Needs

Exporting a car from the United States is virtually the same no matter what state the vehicle is registered in. However, if the car is registered in California, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires an additional form to be completed and submitted once the car is exported. 

When you export a car that is licensed in California the DMV requires a Certificate of Exportation REG 32 form to be completed and submitted to their office. But who wants to spend hours in line at the DMV? 

To save you your time and sanity, we can provide a bill of lading to you after the vehicle is shipped. All you have to do is send this bill of lading to the DMV, and they will remove the vehicle from their system.

By Alex Naumov

May 26 2017

Guides | Classic Cars


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