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Dealer Relationships and Shipping Classic Cars Overseas

Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder and tastes vary widely when it comes to ranking preferences for classic cars.

Many go for muscle cars like the Chevy Camaro or Ford Mustang. Adventurers are apt to be keen on Jeeps and Land Rovers. Speed freaks are likely to go wild for the Ferrari or Shelby 427. There is one thing however that every classic car lover and car dealer can agree upon - whether it's transporting the cars to local shows or shipping cars internationally, finding a reliable car shipping company is ranked as a top priority!  


Dealers & Shippers - The Ideal International Auto Transport Relationship

Why is this relationship important to a dealer?  The benefits to a classic car dealer of finding a reliable international shipping company when shipping classic cars overseas are many. First and foremost, acquiring a trustworthy, reliable, international auto transport company frees a dealer to do what he does best - source and sell classic cars.  USA Car Auctions

Why is this relationship important to a shipper? A reliable, international car shipping company takes pride in eliminating worry and removing paperwork from the dealer's desk. Each successful delivery, where the cars arrive on-time and in perfect condition, is a win for both the dealer and the shipper, likely to result in repeat business and mutual sharing of useful industry knowledge.

Shipping International Classic Car Handbook

Securely Shipping Cars to Challenging Destinations

Are some destinations more difficult than others? Some can be. What's important is that the international auto transporter has the knowledge, experience and language skills to handle the particulars of each individual shipment. For instance, West Coast Shipping (WCS) transports classic cars worldwide to Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Central Asia as well as other regions where beautiful cars are appreciated, and is fully equipped to handle every contingency along the way. Shipping Cars to Beirut Lebanon

Learn more about our classic car solutions at our classic car section of our website 

What does a reliable shipper do to insure safe delivery? A reliable shipper like WCS cares for every car on each leg of the journey. First if it's necessary to store the classic cars, they are placed into a clean and secure, company owned and managed facility. Preparing cars for shipping is done with critical attention to detail. Interiors are wrapped, bodies are carefully protected and cars are precision loaded and unloaded. 

Are there limits on the types of classic cars that can be shipped overseas? A reliable overseas shipping company like WCS is prepared to deliver everything from racetrack-ready cars to those that don't even start. Arrangements are made to see that each car is delivered safely despite its condition or state of repair.

Shipping Classic Car Auto Parts Overseas

Can classic auto parts be shipped along with the cars? Typically classic auto parts are more easily sourced in the US than in other parts of the world. A reliable auto shipping partner like WCS is capable of adding parts to a shipment and can also provide state-of-the-art online tracking so a customer can see that the parts are in the same shipment as the cars. Updates to West Coast Shipping’s Tracking System 

The Value of Classic Car Dealer/Shipper Relationships When Shipping Cars Overseas

Developing and maintaining strong dealer/shipper relationships can be very beneficial to both parties. Ask for an "instant" international car shipping quote on our WCS calculator and we will do what we do best - get your valuable cars to their destinations on time and in perfect condition. Then you can do what you do best - buy and sell wonderful cars that are appreciated the world over.

International Car Shipping Rates Quote