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Tracking Small Unit Cargo When Shipping Cars Overseas

Tracking Cargo with a Reliable Car Shipping Company 

When shipping cars internationally, how can I add parts or other goods and materials into a container along with my car or other vehicles?

Let’s face it. If you area adding items to a container when shipping cars overseas, parts and pallets are a lot easier to lose than cars and other vehicles. It is not uncommon for our competitors to lose or misplace your valuable items. A reliable car shipping company like West Coast Shipping should have a state-of-the-art tracking system designed to track cargo and ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination safely and on time. To provide this service we simply need your tracking number and information regarding the specific container you want to carry your cargo.  


Tracking Small Unit Cargo

In addition, we now offer a simple way to keep track of your items. Employing advanced technology, smaller units can now be tracked and traced on their journey with a reliable international shipping company like West Coast Shipping. For instance, our new tracking system enables you to actually login to our company’s website, view a photo of the items being shipped, and see them loaded onto your specified container. This makes it easy to see if all of your items have departed and arrived as planned.

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When selecting an overseas, shipping company and obtaining an instant international shipping quote, inquire as to whether or not they provide the option of adding items to a container, as well as the ability to  track the items, as many companies do not offer this service.

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West Coast Shipping uses sophisticated computer technology to ensure that your valuable cargo can be located throughout all parts of the journey. We aim to provide a fast and simple service to keep our customers happy. 

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