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Florida Warehouse Is Open For Business!

We're excited to announce our newest expansion: West Coast Shipping Florida is officially open for business!

Our new Florida location is a secure 45,000 sq foot (4200 square meter) warehouse conveniently located near the port of Miami and port Everglades.

Why Florida?

The biggest problem our customers face is where to find good quality cars at a low price. Florida has a booming economy, business friendly environment, and an expanding automotive culture. We think that Florida will be a great source for cars in the next decade, and our new location will be there to support it.

We have put together a list of trusted dealers, scouts, and partners who we are happy to connect you to.

In the world of logistics, collecting vehicles from Florida at a reasonable rate becomes practically impossible in the Summer months as most transporters prefer to stay down South for the warmer weather. Causing many of these so-called snow birds to raise their rates on any vehicles moving anything up North. With our new warehouse it will become much more affordable to export vehicles from the South.

The Warehouse

Florida will be run by our in-house team, with our own loaders who specialize in collector vehicles. We will continue to offer the same great import and export service from Florida as you come to expect for your vehicles moving through our facilities in California and New Jersey.

Our address in Florida: 
West Coast Shipping 
6001 Powerline Road 
Suite A
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 
Office: +1-305-433-7833

Here are some of the highlights of our new facility:

  • Indoor storage for over 200 vehicles inside an all-indoor 45,000 sq foot (4200 square meter)  warehouse
  • Shared container service, along with dedicated 20/40ft container service
  • More affordable inland transport rates for vehicles from the South
  • Conveniently located near Port Everglades and Miami

Shared container service is available from Florida to the following destinations:

  • to Europe:
    • Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Sweden & Denmark
  • to the Middle East:
    • Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

We continue to offer full 20ft & 40ft containers to all ports worldwide. And for all of our overseas agents and partners, let's discuss how we can grow our mutual business from Florida.

Florida - the hidden gem for cars?

Traditionally, most vehicle buyers would seek out cars from California. After we opened our New Jersey facility in 2018, we saw a steady rise in the number of collector car exports from the East Coast. 

Did you know that Florida comes in 3rd after California and Texas by the amount of cars registered in the state? 

With Florida experiencing a booming economy and an influx of residents, we foresee a growing number of collector cars moving down South and with time becoming available for purchase.

Florida is also a great vacation experience with many automotive auctions and events to attend.

10 Recommended Car Events & Auctions in Florida

1. Sumter Swap Meet - June 6th


3. Exotics on Las Olas - November 7th


4. Daytona Turkey Run - November 25-28th


5. Casparilla Concours d'Elegance - December 3-5th


6. Mecum Kissimmee - January 6-16th, 2022


7. Palm Beach Cavallino Classic - January 20-23rd, 2022


 10. Daytona Turkey Run - March 26-27th, 2022


Come visit us in Florida, enjoy the weather and the sights, and you may pick up a car or two.

Happy shipping,