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How To Insure Your Import Car For Travel In Europe

Are you planning a trip through Europe with a car or motorcycle you imported? No matter if you are planning to drive through Italy, or Spain enjoying their great food and sightseeing, or if you want to explore the Scandinavian countries with their beautiful countryside. In order to drive your vehicle in Europe, you will need the so-called „Green Insurance Card“ in order to be protected when driving through Europe.

Insurance conditions in Europe are different compared to the US. While in the US the driver is insured the vehicle is insured in Europe instead. This means your US insurance is not valid in Europe and you cannot operate your car there legally. Therefore, additional insurance is mandatory for your trip.

Third-party insurance covers damages you caused with your vehicle to any other third party (person) or objects owned by a third party. It is also possible to include comprehensive insurance to cover damages on your own vehicle.

For further information about the mandatory insurance, we are recommending the services of Tourinsure where you can also download the application form and get additional information.