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Import Your Car to Norway Duty-Free

In case you are permanently moving to Norway please be aware that there is no option to import a car as
relocation cargo to avoid VAT and customs duties. You will have to pay the same duties and VAT as if the car was purchased. The following duties and VAT rules apply when shipping a vehicle to Norway.

  • Importing any EV is free of duties and VAT
  • All other cars are taxed with 25% VAT
  • The so-called 20 years or older veteran cars are duty free
  • All vehicles between 10 and 20 years of age get a 90 % discount on duties
  • Duties are calculated on many different factors like the engine of a vehicle, weight, etc.

When it comes to relocating to Norway, it's important to understand the rules and regulations around importing your personal belongings, including your vehicle. If you meet the requirements of being a permanent resident moving to Norway, you can bring your personal items and vehicle without paying any duties or VAT. However, it's essential that you fulfill the necessary criteria to ensure a smooth import process. This includes proving that the center of your life has been outside Norway for a continuous 12 months and that you import the vehicle within one year of relocating. By providing the required documents and information, such as your passport, proof of stay in the US, and a packing list of belongings, you can ensure that your vehicle is cleared for import as removal goods. So, if you're planning a move to Norway, make sure you understand the regulations and requirements to ensure a successful and hassle-free import process for your vehicle.

  • The center of your life must have been outside Norway for at least 12 continuous months
  • After relocating to Norway, you have one year to import your vehicle

For this kind of customs application, our local agent needs the following documents and information from your side.

  • Copy of your Passport
  • Your last address in the US
  • Your address in Norway
  • Proof of stay in the US (Employment contract, bank statement, return flight ticket, etc.)
  • A packing list of all your personal belongings
  • If you are importing a vehicle the bill of sale for the vehicle or current value of the vehicle (a Kelley
    Blue Book printout is sufficient)

Please be informed that students are excluded from this kind of clearance process. Contact us for more details about importing your vehicle to Norway duty-free.