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Import Your Car to Denmark Duty-Free

In case you are permanently moving to Denmark, you may be able to avoid VAT and customs duties on one or several personal vehicles you bring with you.

You must fulfill the following requirements to get your vehicle imported as removal goods.

  • The center of your life must have been outside Denmark for at least 12 continuous months
  • You must have been de-registered from the Danish registration office (Folkeregister)
  • The vehicle must have been registered in your name for at least six months in a row before you
    relocated to Denmark
  • After relocating to Denmark, you have one year to import your vehicle
  • You are not allowed to sell the vehicle for 12 months after importing it

For this kind of customs application, our local agent needs the following documents and information from your side.

  • Copy of your Passport
  • Declaration of personal property (attached)
  • Your last address in the US
  • A packing list with values (in case you transport personal items inside your vehicle)
  • Bill of Sale for the vehicle or current value of the vehicle (a Kelley Blue Book printout is sufficient)

Please be informed that the same rules apply to students!