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Import Your Car to Sweden Duty-Free

In case you are permanently moving to Sweden, you may be able to avoid VAT and customs duties on one or several personal vehicles you bring with you.

You must fulfill the following requirements to get your vehicle imported as removal goods.

  • The center of your life must have been outside Sweden for at least 12 continuous months, and if you
    are a returning citizen, you must have worked for at least 12 months in the country you are moving
  • The vehicle must have been registered in your name for at 12 twelve months in a row (in some cases 6
    months is enough) before you relocate to Sweden
    • If its 12 or 6 months depends on whether customs classify you as returning citizen or an
      immigrant. Additional information is available below.
  • After relocating to Sweden, you have one year to import your vehicle
  • You are not allowed to sell the vehicle for 12 months after importing it

For this kind of customs application, our local agent needs the following documents and information from your side.

  • In original signed filled in form “Declaration for obtaining relief” form. Either 740.45 or 740.47
    depending on whether you are a returning citizen or an immigrant. No digital signature is possible only a scanned copy or the original document is allowed – it needs to be in original signed.
  • Proof of stay/work in the US (Employment contract, bank statement, return flight ticket, etc.)
  • A packing list (in case you transport personal items inside your vehicle) with total value estimate
  • Bill of Sale for the vehicle or current value of the vehicle (a Kelley Blue Book printout is sufficient)
  • Document that shows you have owned and used the vehicle for either 6 or 12 months (depending on
    if you are returning citizen or an immigrant) – for example registration documents proofing you had
    the vehicle registered/insured
  • Documents that prove you are actually moving to Sweden now. Swedish residence evidence
    (Folkbokföringsbevis) / Registerutdrag. If you don’t have those it could still work with a proof of
    employment or house/apartment rental/purchase agreement.
  • Foreign registration documents for example original title (US) Export certificate (AE), etc.

Once car has been customs cleared you can start the registration process. Please read more about it on the Swedish road authority webpage.

Am I considered as Immigrant or Returnee?
The below is from directly from Swedish customs. Define which of these four groups you belong to.
If your situation corresponds to one of the following circumstances:

  • You have never resided in Sweden or another EU country.
  • You are single and do not have any connection to Sweden or another EU country. This could mean that you are registered as emigrated by the Swedish Tax Agency and have neither residence nor
    employment in Sweden.
  • You have been permanently living with your family and have worked in a country outside of the EU for
    at least one year.

Learn more about duty exemption for personal belongings as an immigrant.

Returning citizen:

You are classified as a returning citizen if your normal residence is in Sweden, but you have been staying in a country outside the EU for more than one year for professional reasons.

Learn more about duty exemption for personal belongings as a returnee.

Additional information can be found on the Swedish customs website at Tullverket.

Please be informed that Students are excluded from this kind of clearance!