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Changes in the Law for Shipping Cars Overseas to Nigeria

Changes in International Shipping Laws

For those international car shipping companies shipping cars overseas to Nigeria, please be advised that beginning May 1st, 2014; there will be a change in the law for Shipping Cars to Nigeria. Effective May 1st, 2014, Nigerian Customs has implemented a new regulation requiring a more comprehensive manifest for every vehicle imported into Nigeria. This means that international car shipping companies will now have to provide additional information such as the chassis number, model and make of the vehicle, year of manufacture, and the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number). The aim of this new regulation is to enhance transparency and accountability in the importation process, as well as to streamline the customs clearance process. As a reliable international car shipping company, we understand the importance of complying with these regulations and will work closely with Nigerian Customs to ensure that all necessary information is provided promptly and accurately.

Here is the additional information that will be required:

  • Chassis Number
  • Model & Make of Vehicle
  • Year of Manufacture
  • VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number)

Also, please note that only vehicles 15 years old or newer will be allowed into Nigeria.

As a reliable international car shipping company, we understand the importance of keeping our clients updated on the latest changes in shipping laws. We assure you that we will work closely with Nigerian Customs to ensure a seamless transition and timely delivery of your vehicles. To stay informed on any further changes in the shipping industry, we highly recommend subscribing to our newsletter. Not only will you receive immediate updates, but you will also have access to our instant international car shipping quote feature. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible service, and we are confident that these changes will not affect the quality of our services. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted car shipping partner.

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