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Improving International Shipping at the Port of Oakland

Oakland International Car Shipping

Improving International Shipping Through Oakland

Shipping through the port of Oakland continues to improve. Following the West Coast port strikes, March saw growth in both import and export volumes. The port also proposed a four-step plan to further prevent international shipping delays.

Oakland International Car Shipping

Source: JOC

Import Gains

Shippers imported over 84,000 TEUs (20-foot-equivalent units) in March, a 39 percent year-on-year increase. With the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles backlogged, many chose to import through the port of Oakland. The strong US dollar also helped to encourage more people to import goods to the US.

Recovering Exports

In March, Oakland exported over 72,000 TEUs, down by 16 percent. But it was an improvement over a 34 percent drop in February. The US dollar contributed to slowing the growth of exports.

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The Proposal

The port of Oakland is taking further steps to speed up shipping by:

  • Adding an extra day of work on Saturday
  • Allowing off-site storage for after-hours cargo
  • Providing extra chassis to truckers
  • Digitally Monitoring and notifying drivers of gate wait times

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Sources: Port of Oakland