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Leading Classic Car Sources in Florida

Florida is one of the largest markets for classic cars from the Southern United States. With our recently opened location in Florida, we now cover all coasts and make it affordable to transport cars from anywhere in the US.

florida car sources

We have a network of dealers and scouts in Florida who specialize in classic cars, and there are hundreds of newly offered classics in stock. Click on each logo to see the list of cars and motorcycles available for sale. 

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Our New Florida Location

Run by our in-house team, our Florida warehouse specializes in collector vehicles. We continue to offer the same great import and export service from Florida as you come to expect for your vehicles moving through our facilities in California and New York.


Our address in Florida: 

West Coast Shipping 

6001 Powerline Road 

Suite A

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 

Office: +1-305-433-7833 

Here are some of the highlights of our new facility:

  • Indoor storage for over 200 vehicles inside an all-indoor 45,000 sq foot (4200 square meter)  warehouse
  • Shared container service, along with dedicated 20/40ft container service
  • More affordable inland transport rates for vehicles from the South
  • Conveniently located near Port Everglades and Miami

Shared container service is available from Florida to the following destinations:

  • to Europe:
    • Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Sweden & Denmark
  • to Australia & New Zealand:
    • Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Fremantle, Lyttelton, Melbourne, Sydney, Tauranga
  • to the Middle East:
    • Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

We continue to offer full 20ft & 40ft containers to all ports worldwide. And for all of our overseas agents and partners, let's discuss how we can grow our mutual business from Florida.