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Congestion Update & Latest Transit Times

Despite widespread port congestion, a category 4 hurricanetrucker and container shortages, vehicles continue to arrive and depart with minimal delays. We continue to accept vehicles for export at our facilities in Oakland, New Jersey and Florida. Our weekly consolidation is available and direct-shipping routes continue to offer 31-36 day transit times from Oakland to Europe.

Transit Times On Our Latest Completed Shipments from Oakland

transit times-2

Service from Oakland to Europe has improved significantly, with enough space on vessels sailing every week. Service to Australia and New Zealand remains congested with vessels departing every other week.

US Port Congestion as of September 1st

wait time

Data sourced from Hamburg-SudHapag-LloydMarineTrafficFreightWaves.

la port congestion

Record Congestion in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is experiencing record-breaking congestion at the ports. The image above is what the port currently look like. Each green dot shows a cargo vessel waiting for its turn to unload at the port. The queue of vessels is leading to delays getting containers onboard the ships and onto their final destinations.

$150 Ground Transport From LA

If you need help shipping your vehicles from Los Angeles, we continue to offer fast and reliable service starting from $150 to move cars from Los Angeles to Oakland for export.

Weekly Consolidation

We continue to provide weekly consolidation to:

  • Rotterdam
  • Bremerhaven/Hamburg
  • Southampton
  • Le Havre
  • Copenhagen
  • Gothenburg
  • Klaipeda
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Auckland

In addition, we offer dedicated containers and 30 days of free storage for vehicles.

Hurricane Ida Disrupts Vehicle Pickups in US South

As Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana this week, it has disrupted trucking and is causing delays for vehicle pickups across the Southern and Eastern states. Allow for additional time to get your vehicles and motorcycles collected. Your account manager will have the latest details on the dates of collection and loading estimates.