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New Rates to Klaipeda Lithuania

We have immediate space available in our CA, FL and NJ warehouses for your cars. Get instant rates for ground transport, consolidation and wholesale service using our online calculator.

Shared Container & Wholesale Service to Klaipeda

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Electric cars are an additional +$100 per car, or +$400 per container.

*Monthly volume of 5 containers per month with 4-cars per container.

When it comes to shipping cars to Klaipeda from the USA, container shipping is a popular and cost-effective option. Cars are loaded into containers and then transported via sea freight to the port of Klaipeda. The containers are carefully secured and protected during transit to ensure the safe delivery of your vehicles.

One of the benefits of container shipping is that it allows for consolidation, meaning multiple cars can be shipped in the same container. This can help to reduce the cost of shipping for each individual car. Electric cars may require additional fees, but our online calculator can provide you with an instant quote that includes all necessary charges.

At our CA, FL, and NJ warehouses, we have immediate space available for your cars.  Whether you are shipping one car or many, our team is here to provide you with reliable and affordable shipping solutions.